Walsh Gallery

Sang–mi Yoo / Lucy Kim


Dates: Jan 10 2003 - Feb 15 2003

LUCY KIM, Loss of Control, paintings

Chicago, Illinois;

Emerging artist Lucy Kim is obsessed with depicting "the moment in time when a person loses control." Her waxy surfaces highlight a moment in film at which a character begins to have a nervous breakdown. Ms. Kim explores the boundaries between melodrama and pop culture in her oil and mixed media paintings. Ms. Kim will be present at the opening reception.

SANG-MI YOO, Global Homogenization Meets the Lotus Pond, installation

Walsh Gallery is pleased to welcome back emerging artist Sang-Mi Yoo. Ms. Yoo has created an installation recombining familiar objects like trees, flowers, and shopping malls with imagery from the past. Ms. Yoo dismantles and superimposes Korean Folk paintings of birds and flowers onto contemporary imagery. These visual references are projected onto a wall in a darkened room with a disco ball.

Ms. Yoo explored the dynamics and boundaries between global homogenization (the familiar) and a nostalgia from the past. As Ms. Yoo says, "my work is like a traveler's souvenir… reminding a person of scattered memories of the past."