Walsh Gallery

Qiu Jun


Dates: May 2 2008 - Dec 31 1969

Opening Reception: May 2 2008

Beautiful Cake takes us on a journey through the media saturated environment, playfully transforming political and cultural symbols into the fantastical and erotic. This absorption of different cultural elements has become the status quo in the 'new china' with a pervasive desire to become a member of the global community. Born after the Cultural Revolution, a period of intense introversion and introspection, the artist is engulfed in the "extending diameter of the explosion of information" that is available on the internet. The result of this vast quantity of information that arrives ever more rapidly is the further cementing of the receptor, to stay informed one must constantly be entrenched in the milieu of breaking reports and urgent updates. Beautiful Cake shows an alternative possibility, a creative engagement with contemporary events, an activation of information based on a profound lightness with undertones of satire.

Quoting a Chinese proverb "something bitter is beneficial and good for the body and soul", Qiu Jun enjoys the sweetness of the cake though realizes it is at times too sweet. This polemical edge that circumscribes the condensed work intersects the apparent humor to merge these opposites in a delicate union. Ultimately, as with any good dessert Beautiful Cake lingers in the palette and leaves us wanting more.

Qiu Jun born in 1976, lives and works in Guangzhou. He received a Masters Degree in Multimedia Art from South China Normal University in Guangzhou in 2005. He has been included a number of exhibitions in China and abroad including the Foundation 3.14, Bergen, Norway; OCT art space, Shenzhen; He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen; and the Guangdong Art Museum. Recently Qiu Jun has been invited to participate in artist residencies at the Flabbfabrikken Center, Norway and Cittadelarte – Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation, Italy.