Walsh Gallery

Over the Top: 16 Years of Running a Gallery

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Dates: Nov 20 2009 - Dec 23 2009

Opening Reception: Nov 20 2009

(All T-shirts designed by 39 artists are available for purchase. For the further information, view "works" under Exhibition )

November 20 - December 23, 2009
Opening reception: November 20, 2009



Walsh Gallery art dealer Julie Walsh invites the 50 artists that have shown over the past 16 years to help host an over-the-top art bash,

"The art world is overdue for a celebration," Ms. Walsh, founder of the Walsh gallery explains, "I've created an exhibition that rejoices over the passion to follow one's convictions in the art field.  Whether to commemorate the artists who obstinately continue to make art despite the recession in Asia and the US or the dealers who are determined to persevere, it is time for a party."

"Over the Top: 16 Years of Running a Gallery," hightlights works in a variety of media, including a novel category of T-shirt design a debut screening of documentary videos from Walsh Gallery's never before seen Asian Art Interview Archive, as well as, installation art and photography created by the director julie Walsh. The show opens Friday, Nov. 20th from 5- 8:30pm.

The exhibition will feature an installation by 39 of Walsh Gallery's artists who created limited edition T-shirts represent the best talent in Contemporary Asian Art and local talent from the last 16 years. many of these artists were emerging when first shown by the gallery and now have become intenrnationally renowned stars in the art market.

Ms. Walsh will be exhibition photos and light boxes made from images based on years of art travels around the globe. The images were created in the midst of 'art busyness'... going to and from art fairs and exhibitions, traversing airports, taking taxis, and visiting artists' sudios around the wrold. 

In addition there will be on exhibit a series of 8 light boxes. The light boxes are backlit by LED lights and relfect the light of a single day turned to night. Ms. Walsh wanted also to simulate a certain disorientation as when a person crosses multiple time zones in a limited period.

There will be old postcards from the gallery in the project room. The postcards find a new life as they are distorted and manipulated into wallpaper. There will also be a wall of postcards that have magnets on the back which allow each person to add his own history to that of the gallery.

Visitors can expect several surprise performances created by guest artists as well as the art viewers themselves.