Walsh Gallery

Notari / Min / Bang / Tian: Spring Fling


Dates: May 21 2002 - Jun 8 2002

Chicago, IL, May 9, 2002 - The human body and its imprint is explored in the art exhibit "Spring Fling" at Walsh Gallery this May and June. Through their works, four artists depict aspects of the body and its complex relation and response to nature. The artists are Carrie Notari of Chicago and Chai Yi Min, He Sai Bang and Zhang Hai Tian of Shanghai. The opening reception on Friday, May 24 from 5 - 9pm is open to the public.

Carrie Notari's works juxtapose body play with flowers, creating enchanting photographic images that simultaneously celebrate womanhood and nature. She also debuts a digital installation of women and flowers with images evolving in slow motion.

Chai Yi Min's simple, humorous and intimate paintings are a delight to view. A close inspection can reveal surprising techniques, such as when he uses frosted nail polish mixed with ink. In the work "Arborist," Chai creates a tree with a human face and a myriad of intricately painted legs sporting an assortment of uneven high heeled shoes or tapering into lovingly rendered feet.

He Sai Bang's ink paintings focus on everyday objects such as rice cookers and chopsticks, that develop their own life through their relationship to the body. His lines are often choppy and halting, not always smooth and unbroken as in more traditional work. His fascination with muted colors - especially gray, white and black - gives his paintings a sparse, minimalist look. Each object seems to exist in its own world, in a way that allows the viewer to bring his own associations to the work.

Zhang Hai Tian's watercolors capture bodies immersed in the contemporary life of Shanghai. Whether they are listening to the blues in a nightclub or sipping latte's in an outdoor cafe, these figures emanate the vitality of this rapidly changing city.