Walsh Gallery

New Media Lounge


Dates: Mar 16 2007 - Apr 28 2007

Opening Reception: Mar 16 2007

Walsh Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its new media lounge. All year the lounge will showcase an array of the best up-and-coming and renowned new media stars from Asia. The screenings will rotate with every new exhibition in the main gallery space.

Coming on March 16 will be Zhao Bandi's Bandj's 2008. The piece is 42 minutes long and in it Mr Zhao creates a fake Olympics. An athlete runs past famous Chinese landmarks wearing a stuffed panda bear hat and carrying the Olympic torch. He visits Beijing, the Great Wall of China and Tibet. Finally, Mr Zhao arrives in Verne, Switzerland, where a stadium has been prepared for the occasion. The opening ceremonies include overweight women in panda suits riding bicycles as well as the lighting of the torch ceremony.