Walsh Gallery

Li Lin Lee


Dates: May 2 2008 - May 31 2008

Opening Reception: May 2 2008

Walsh Gallery present Urban Archaeology, a solo exhibition of the paintings of Li Lin Lee. Lee's most recent series of works involve a process of painterly archaeology of the surface in which canvases are built up with layers of paint and then stripped down again. The exhibition opens Friday, May 2 from 5-8 pm at Walsh Gallery. The artist will be present at the opening reception.

jIn Lee's newest series of work, he uses familiar shapes and designs influenced by graphics, maps, and corporate insignia to create paintings that play with the meanings communicated by simple abstract forms. Lee was intrigued by the idea that as our society develops, our graphic designs simplify. Although these paintings are a response to a deeply personal experience of moving through time and space in Chicago, these works have the same weight as symbols created by ancient cultures. These are spiritual works whose colors traverse a neutral zone between then and now. Lee has transformed the ordinary into the mythological.

Li Lin Lee has appeared in publications of both the National Gallery (Washington, D.C.) and the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art (Taipei). His works appear in the collections of Citibank, Inc., Philips Morris Management Corporation, the San Francisco Musuem of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the U.S. State Department. Li Lin Lee currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.