Walsh Gallery

David Servoss: Descendant performance


Descendant Statement, 2003

Descendant Figures, polyester resin cloth enamel
Descendant, DVD edition of 100

August 7, 2003

As a part of ABSOLUT VISION Chicago 8's Thursday evening Happenings, David Servoss executed a site-specific performance with history and the gallery space.

Mr. Servoss is related to the fifth President James Monroe and the first President of the Republic of China, Yuan Shi Kai. Prior to the performance, Mr. Servoss installated a representation of his lineage. It contained presidential clothing in sculptural form of both Monroe and Yuan Shi Kai. During the performance, Mr. Servoss donned white gloves and deinstalled each sculpture into a crate. Using these icons of personal history, while simultaneously referencing his relationship with the gallery space, one installation was deconstructed, while another was made.

" I'm trying to show a univeral truth: that we are always trying to dissolve our past in the flow of the present moment."

-David Servoss