Walsh Gallery

Chicago Street Stories


Dates: Oct 21 2005 - Dec 2 2005

Opening Reception: Oct 21 2005

CHICAGO STREET STORIES, in concjunction with Chicago Artist's Month

Chicago, IL – "Street Stories" – or, "If Feet Could Speak"

In the exhibit "Street Stories," eight Chicago artists pay tribute to an unconventional view of Chicago life. Artists include Gabriel Akagawa, Soo-Whan Choi, Indira Freitas Johnson, Laura Kina, Von Kommanivanh, Christopher Meerdo, Michael Miller, and Rodney Swanstrom. The opening reception is from 5 to 9 pm on Friday, October 21. The artists will be present at the opening reception.

Highlights include:

LAURA KINA: Ms. Kina will be creating a large scale floor covering meant to be explored only with your feet.

CHRISTOPHER MEERDO: Mr. Meerdo has the odd talent of combining an Ansel Adams aesthetic with urban grit. He makes Gary, Indiana's factories look pretty.

SOO–WAN CHOI: Mr. Choi has created a lightbox with the image of feet. Quite extraordinary when you realize that the image you see was made by thousands of pinholes.

GABRIEL AKAGAWA: Mr. Akagawa has done a series of photographs based on "lawn chair art." Mr. Akagawa brings his lawn chair and portable art to various locations around Chicago photographing their journey. In addition, Mr. Akagawa will be doing a performance with this portable art which will include massages for people who sit in his chair.

RODNEY SWANSTROM: Mr. Swanstrom has created a golden framed transformer of street life. Viewers are encouraged to carry this piece and look into it to see street life in a new way.

INDIRA FREITAS JOHNSON: Ms. Johnson will exhibit sculptures made from discarded objects off the street.

MICHAEL MILLER: Mr. Miller will have on display two businessmen cut-outs who seem to be newly taken off the street and put under glass domes.

VON KOMMANIVANH: Mr. Kommanivanh has taken little kids' drawing boards and painted over them with graffiti-like text that is reminiscent of what kids tell each other on the street when they think no grownups are around.