Walsh Gallery


Picture 14


Nature Morte, Zimmerstrasse, Berlin

September 6 - 17, 2011

Participating Walsh Gallery artists: Sheba Chhachhi, Song Dong, Vivan Sundaram, and Miao Xiaochun


exhibition curated by Tereza de Arruda in the framework of the 8th
Asia-Pacific Weeks, a biannual forum for political, economical,
educational, and cultural exchange between Germany and the Asian-Pacific
region. The focus of this year’s Asia-Pacific Weeks are Water, Food, and
Health, issues which determined the selection of the artists from China,
India and Japan.

Working in various media, the artists Sheba Chhachhi, Wang Chengyun, Liu
Ding, Song Dong, Takafumi Hara, Takeshi Makishima and Rosilene Luduvico,
Vivan Sundaram, Thukral & Tagra, Yukihiro Taguchi, Miao Xiaochun and Xiong
Yu address the necessity of living sustainably. They playfully convey our
dependence on water, food and health, without which humans could not
exist. In many parts of the world, the distribution of these three
elements is determined and manipulated by nationality, religion, politics
or economics.

The artists in this exhibition are known for their continuous dedication
to their environment. New Delhi born Vivan Sundaram’s video “Flotage:
River Yamuma” documents a project in which the artist hired city trash
collectors to construct a raft out of 8000 discarded bottles. Using the
bottle-raft, Sundaram then ferried passengers across the river, whose once
clean waters now figure among the most polluted in the world.
Also shown in the exhibition is “The Beautiful Game,” an interactive
pool table installation by Thukral & Tagra. The game invites viewers to
hole a billiard ball, while teaching how to put on a condom. The playful
gesture and the surrounding wall installation avoid any sense of
prudishness, allowing the artist-duo to address sexuality in a stress-free
way and heighten awareness of diseases such as HIV.The aim of this
exhibition is a return to nature, a demand for nature’s sustainability,
and a consciousness of the value of one’s own life.

Most of the artists will be present at the opening.
Founded in 1997 in New Delhi, the gallery NATURE MORTE has been showing
mainly Indian contemporary art in Berlin since 2008.

With kind support of Asia-Pacific Weeks, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, PIFO
Gallery Beijing, Pink Studio Beijing, Wada Fine Arts Tokyo, Walsh Gallery
Chicago, Wang Chengyun Studio Chengdu, Y++Gallery Triwizard Beijing.